About the Bluegrass Connection

1995 - Gotech.com

During the early-mid 1990's Communications Technology Group, Inc., on the urging of their Vice President, Pete Milano decided to provide an inexpensive opportunity for Bluegrass groups and businesses to have a website created. During the early years The Bluegrass Connection was using the domain name of bgstate.com until CTGI realized that there needed to be a change.

Late 1990's - Gotech.com & bgstate.com

During the 1990's the Email server, Gotech.com was the target of attacks that mainly originated from China and Korea. After a number of years of exhausted attempts to curtail the spam and other attacks CTGI was left with little alternatives. Thus, the Domain Name bgstate.com was created and set up to only support email traffic. Unfortunately, after a decade or so bgstate.com too was overwhelmed as a target by the same Countries with Russia, Italy and Germany adding a substantial amount.

1997 - Bluegrassville.com

Realizing that there needed to be a domain name change CTGI acquired Bluegrassville.com as the second domain name. We could not try and get BluegrassConnection.com because at the time domain names were limited to only 14 characters in length.

2000's -

Then one day the domain name length was extended such that BluegrassConnection.com could be created. Before I could act to register the domain name "BluegrassConnection.com", a bad, bad man registered BluegrassConnection.com and as a deliberate effort on his part to hurt and damage the Bluegrass Connection business he didn't do anything with it. What this meant is when any one who using their browser typed in the website address of www.BluegrassConnection.com they would get in return a web page that said something along the line of Site Does Not Exist. At the time the best we could do was register the damain name TheBluegrassConnection.com.

2010 -

After pretty much giving up on the bad man doing something, anything with the domain name of BluegrassConnection.com one day the domain name became available. Without any hesitation we purchased BluegrassConnection.com. The Bluegrass Connection still carries on the tradition of offering inexpensive websites for bluegrass music performers and businesses. We have been heavy into eCommerce since the 1990's, marketing and SEO.

2012 -

A major hacking ocurred throughout the internet and after we cleaned up some 30,000 web pages and more it was decided to add a Linux based Firewall. The Firewall worked however, some time during 2014 some boasting of their accomplishments a group of Iranians found a way to drop in some code to a few websites on our server. The code was identified, removed and the Web server configuration was updated.

2015 -

After a 20+ year run using our in-house servers it was time to move our operation to a hosting service (the cloud to many), solely as a financial decision. Of course there was much work to be accomplished moving from a Windows to a Linux based systems. All Cold Fusion software and Microsoft databases were rewritten and converted to PHP and MySql1 We are happily running well and adding Magento, WordPress and Joomla based websites plus building custom sites.

2015 -

The domain, GoTech.com is sold after 20 years in operation.

2017 -

Domain and website StaffordWebsites.com is created to serve local and other small businesses in need of a new website. Consulting services for all things Web related are available as well.

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